How to Style Hair: Three Tricks Every Woman Should Know

If you need to survive until you can get to your Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA, here are some tricks that every woman should know. Find out why you have been shampooing your hair wrongly all those years. How to do a professional blow dry on your hair.

Trim Your Own Bangs in a Pinch

You can also trim these bangs on your own. The secret to great bangs being blades or scissors. Cut the bangs when they’re dry. Further, bangs are a fantastic way to change your hairstyle. If they’re there, you need to know how to blow dry them properly. Where possible, don’t use a round brush.

Shampoo Your Hair

Most people apply a dollop of shampoo on their hair before scrubbing. But doing this can make your hair frizz or break. Knowing how to wash your hair properly can make a huge difference. For instance, you shouldn’t apply shampoo if the strands of hair are not thoroughly wet.

Give Yourself a Professional Blowout

All it takes to do a perfect blowout at home is 15 to 30 minutes, the right brush and right technique. If you think this is a lot of time, it isn’t. A good blowout will last for a couple of days, or more if you use a good shampoo.

You can also ask the stylist at salons like Danie’s Beauty Salon for tips on how to weather the bad hair days until your appointment.