Makeup Tips All Contact Wearers Should Follow

Summary: Wearing makeup and contact lenses can put you at risk for increased irritation or infection. Here are some tips to help you avoid some of these nuances.

Wearing glasses and putting on makeup can be a hassle, which is why people are switching over th contact lenses. However, there are some rules you need to adhere to in order to irritate your eyes or cause an infection.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Any time you insert or remove your contact lenses, always make sure your hands are completely clean. This means watching them thoroughly with a mild soap. It’s important to put your contacts on before putting anything on like makeup or moisturizer. The reason behind this is that anything Justify on your fingertips can easily transfer on to your contacts for astigmatism or other models you may be wearing, increasing the risk of an infection. Also, you want to make sure your hands remain dry as well.

If you’re considering rinsing them in tap water, remember that tap water has the potential to contain parasites and bacteria which can be extremely detrimental to your eyes, so always make sure you use the recommended solution on your lenses.

Stick to Oil-Free Products

Oil-free products are highly recommended for contact wearers and can make a huge difference in maintaining clean and healthy eyes. Oils commonly found in eye shadow and other related products can find their way into your eyes and on your face. Your lenses may also attract the oil and create a mess.

Use Caution When Applying Mascara

No woman wants to walk out of the house with clumpy mascara all around. But this can also become more of a problem if you are wearing contact lenses. Excess clumps and particles can easily make their way into your eyes and become trapped underneath the lenses causing severe irritation and potentially an infection., one of the leading industry’s contact supplier, recommends sticking to traditional lengthening mascaras as opposed to those that use fiber particles.

Try Out Daily Disposable Lenses

Many eye doctors are recommending disposable contact lenses for contact wearers. First off, they offer the user an increased amount of comfort and due to the fact that they are replaced after every use, the wearer does not need to worry about cleaning or storing them in a solution. They may be a bit more expensive than your average contacts, but they are definitely worth considering, especially if you’re an avid makeup enthusiast. Also, it’s good to know that if you every find makeup running into your contact lenses, you can easily toss the old ones out and insert some fresh new ones.