Things Stylish Women Over 40 Should Know

Tea Moment

Article Written by : Beauty Book Love
When you see a woman walking down the street or boarding the train in a busy subway station you don’t get to ask yourself how old is that woman? In fact age doesn’t concern you at all, what catches your eye is the way she carries herself and the way her dress appeals to you or her lovely smile if she happens to glance at you. Women who carry themselves confidently are those in their mature age, meaning between 30 to 40 or even 50. They are those who have already collared life in broad daylight and have stared experience eye to eye. However, there are studies that women who reached a matured age has become increasingly conscious about their wardrobe. Dressing inappropriately is their concern whether they should get rid of their youth clothes and grab a more matured attire that they really don’t like at all. The transition isn’t that easy but once they pulled it out you see a personality that is of youthful confidence and matured elegance not only in the way they dress but also in the way they present themselves.

Dress Youthful

There is a big difference between dressing young and dressing youthful. How painful it is to see a person limping down the street just because she happens to wear a lower size shoe that really doesn’t fit her feet? How do you think she can manage to go places? Imagine how agonizing it is. The correlation of unfit shoe size is the same as when dressing young and dressing youthful. Dressing young suggests that you look like you’re struggling to hang on to your youth, having left and unable to move on to your fashion sense. While dressing youthful is giving value and paying respect to your age and life’s experiences. It is wearing the right shoe and walking with pride.

Keeping what is important

As we get more matured we tend to value time and resources. The time for trial and error is gone, we’ve already throw that out of the window by now. We are more focused on what is important and what really makes us happy, therefore letting go of things that is less important and time-waster is essential. Keeping wardrobes light, easy to wear, tight or small fits our lifestyle. This is the moment when you are more concern with how you feel rather than how you look. A fashion sense that amplifies how you feel is more important than achieving the look that pleases everybody.

Prove no more

You have already paid your dues to life by living the way you do that is why explaining and proving things ends here. You should dress more relax and carefree this time and your closet should reflect this. This is also the time that you trust your judgment when it comes to choosing the clothes you wear without relying much on what is the trend and what others are wearing. You are pleasing your inner self and not the people around you, you dress for your own and making yourself comfortable and happy.

Dress Smart

Dressing smart isn’t just about buying clothes in discount prices, it is also maximizing what you got. Before you go cleaning your cluttered closet of unwanted old clothes of your youth, have one more look of some accessories, belts, scarf or anything that might come in handy. You’ll never know when you might need it to mishmash things up and come up with a more refreshing look that you wanted. Age of maturity is the age of confidence. Dress confidently without proving anything except making your inner self happy. After all the best dress to wear is that the clothing that epitomize what you feel inside.