Tips for Choosing the Best Fall Jacket

Written by Jacket Society

Fall brings the first chills of the year and when going out, you would need adequate protection from the cold. Fall jackets for women are ideal when it comes to keeping warm. Moreover, stylish jackets do not equate to bulky and uncomfortable garment anymore. Below are some tips that will help you choose the best jacket for this fall.

Go for polyester

Polyester (and acrylic) jackets are very much in style. Models that are very fit and close to the body are popular. They look good on almost all kinds of body and they come with the benefit of having a material that require little to no extra care. Polyester is great for dry-cleaning or machine laundry.

Or faux leather

While it is true that synthetic leather went out of style during the nineties, it has made a powerful comeback in recent years. Maybe wildlife concerns have contributed into the downfall of those exquisite leather jackets. You would want to go for charcoal colors for that modern stylish look.

Or even wool

When it comes to cold weather, nothing beats a trusty wool jacket. Prefered colors for the season are reds in the burgundy tone. Double-breasted jackets are ideal for the cold seasons as they provide an extra protection while at the same time fitting perfectly with your body shapes.


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