4 footwear options for summer

Summer is the time to go light, from clothes to accessories. However, we should also take care of our feet. There are a lot of factors affecting the footwear choice. Summer days can get very hot, so you’ll need something that allows your feet to breathe. Secondly, since it’s summer, you’ll probably want to spend the day out. So you want something adapted for the terrain. Here is 4 footwear options for a hot sunny day.

Flip flops

This is the go to footwear for hot days. Get a pair with flashy colors to make it trendy. You can even go crazy and get two pairs that share the same colors and mix them up. Funky and light flip flops are in style this year.

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals are great for the evening. They are very airy and will keep you cool. These are perfectly suited for the summer days, but they are less casual than flip flops. So, keep them for that evening date.


Wedges are perfect for summer. Even better if you’re on vacations. They provide extremely comfortable fit and are a breeze to walk with. Keep them for night outs though. They’ll look great on any dress.

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are great for a classy summer event. They come in all kinds of colors, so you are sure to get something that matches your outfit. It might be better to get a model that does not cover your entire feet, just like a ballet shoe.