Common Contact Lens Problems and How to Fix Them

April 3, 2019

Summary: Contact lenses can come with a series of issues that must be addressed as soon as they are noticed by the wearer. Wearing contact lenses for an extended period of time can cause changes in the cornea in terms of tear production, oxygen levels, and structure. These changes may lead to irritation, or in severe cases, infection. The good news, however, is that they are not without their respective…


Expiration Dates and Contact Lenses | What Users Need to Know

January 28, 2019

Did you know that your multifocal contacts lenses have an expiration date? Much like a prescription or over-the-counter drug, you have anywhere from one to three years to use your lenses before they expire. After expiration, lenses should not be used. Even if they are sealed in an airtight container, as most soft contact lenses are. So, what do you do with expired lenses? Read on for advice and tips…