How to take care of any sort of handbag

If you investing in fashion, handbags are a wise investment. Handbags are less tied to trends, don’t have anything to do with changes in your dress size and can be handed over or sold second hand later on. Most used bags will have make up stains, pen marks, tears and external damage, like rain or sun stains. Keeping your favourite bags in tip top condition, requires a bit of care in storing and maintenance. Here are a few tips that will keep your bags in good condition.

Taking care of suede – suede bags are sensitive and delicate, therefore they should not come in contact with strong sunlight, water or oil. You should buy a suede brush, to clean your suede bag. To remove small stains, use a paper towel.

Taking care of patent leather – Patent leather is stronger than normal leather, but it does transfer colour. To avoid your patent leather bag taking on colour, store it in a pillowcase, away from other bags. If a stain does occur, try using a little bit of petroleum jelly.

Taking care of coloured leather – Bright bags are susceptible to fading. When storing these bags, keep them away from light, by storing them in a dark closet. Be careful when using wipes or any alcohol based product on them.

Bags with embellishments – Bags with embellishments will catch on to other items. To avoid this, wrap them in a bit of tissue when storing.