The Most Spectacular Celebrity Makeovers for 2016

chrissy-teigenAlways in the public eye, celebrities know they have to change up their looks now and then to keep things fresh for their fans. Here are some of the most dramatic celebrity makeovers for 2016.

Taylor Swift: She went from a good-girl conservative bob to platinum rocker chop, all while keeping her signature red lips. Taylor showed off her cooler, edgier look on the front cover of Vogue in May 2016.

Meghan Trainer: She transformed from long platinum locks to a rock-and-roll cut and reddish brunette hue, giving Meghan a dramatically different look for 2016. Don’t you want to be her, too?

Kylie Jenner: Look at Kylie a few years ago compared to today, and you may not recognize her. The young beauty entrepreneur adopted much fuller lips, shorter platinum hair, and a pout that look more like her sister Kim than her former self.

Melissa McCarthy: She took inches off her waist and her hair, giving the actress a fresh, new look. Melissa is yet another celebrity to go from long hair to the trendy new shoulder-length “lob.”

Harry Styles: The One Direction heart throb is not so harry anymore. He lopped off his signature locks for a whole new style. Heartbroken fans can take comfort in knowing it was for a good cause; Harry kindly donated his curls to charity.

Chrissy Tiegen: From blonde and sophisticated to dark and wild, the supermodel and wife of John Legend totally altered her look in 2016.

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