Three Must-Have Stylish Jackets for Summer

Three-Must-Have-Stylish-Jackets-for-SummerSummer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to shop for some cute summer outfits, such as dresses, skirts, and light jackets for women. When it comes to jackets, summer calls for lighter fabrics and unique patterns. So what’s in style? Here’s a look at our top three choices for summer jackets designed by Nora Minassian, a contemporary fashion designer based in Los Angeles.

The Soleil Jacket

The jacket: Made with Italian Rayon blend fabric, this elegant, summer jacket features a shaped silhouette that is slightly shorter in the back than in the front. The Soleil Jacket is fully lined and features three-quarter sleeves, two welt pockets, and shoulder pads. The color is just beautiful. It comes in a soft gold hue that is chic for both daytime and nighttime outfits.

Why we love it: It doesn’t have buttons, so it always looks light and comfortable for warm weather. We also love it because you can wear it with nearly any type of outfit. In a recent blog post, designer Nora Minassian wears the jacket with black jeans, a nice blouse, and heels. But you can also wear it with a nice summer dress. The gold hue makes it great for all types of events, from a backyard picnic to a jazz club.

The Kate Jacket

The jacket: Made in Los Angeles, like all of Jacket Society’s womens blazer jackets, the Kate Jacket is a lovely white summer jacket with thin blue stripes. Made of lightweight rayon poly spandex, it features three-quarter sleeves with a three-button sleeve opening with gold buttons. The fully lined jacket also features a three-button front closure, custom welt pockets, and shoulder pads.

Why we love it: This jacket has it all. It’s hard to find that perfect blazer that will take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town, but the Kate Jacket delivers. You can wear it anytime of day and it will instantly upgrade your look. Wear it out while running errands or on a girl’s night out. We also love it because you can wear it with all types of outfits. Wear it with a cute black dress or jeans and you will look put together and chic.

The Harper Jacket

The jacket: The Harper Jacket features a rayon tencel blend fabric that is extremely soft to the touch. With three-quarter sleeves and no closure, this summer-ready jacket boasts a shaped silhouette that is a little short in the back than in the front. It is fully lined and comes with two side welt pockets and shoulder pads.

Why we love it: Besides its beautiful coral hue, we love this jacket because of the light-weight material, feminine silhouette, and those fantastic shoulder pads.
Jacket Society is a women’s contemporary jackets and blazer line created and designed in Los Angeles by Nora Minassian. Browse online to find the perfect blazer or moto jacket for women.