Fall and Winter Women’s Color Trends

Article Written by : M Beauty Cream

befunky-collage-650x302This fall and winter women’s color trends are definitely not for the faint of heart: as bold and vibrant hues and rich, deep tones help to accentuate the latest fashion and accessories.

Beautiful jewel tones like honey mustard, deep emerald green, crimson red, hot pink and orchid help to exude a truly feminine style. Similarly, bright tones of caution yellow, cobalt blue, blood orange, fuchsia and cherry red draw attention to women who possess a bold and confident state of mind. Whichever color(s) women choose to include as part of their wardrobe, they will surely create striking fashion statements that would rival any cold, damp or gloomy day.

When worn on their own, these colors can inspire amazing monochromatic looks that are reminiscent of 1980s elegant and brash style at its best. In contrast, when mixed in small amounts with neutral tones and deeper shades, an undeniably classic and stylish charm is further enhanced. Just picture a deep emerald green suit and matching cape, or a simple orchid knee-length dress and full-length coat. Complementing these outfits with a smart black leather handbag and pair of sleek black leather boots, will beautifully complete these sophisticated looks.

The fabulous thing about a basic black dress or bright white pantsuit is that they both look amazing when donned with sparkly accessories. However, when each of these outfits are mixed with a bright cherry red handbag , matching coat and black leather boots there are very different, yet equally impactful looks that are created. For instance, a woman dressed in a black dress, vibrant accessories and black leather boots would make a powerful fashion statement while wearing this dramatic outfit to the office, an executive business luncheon or event. In contrast, a bright white pantsuit that’s combined with the exact same colorful accent accessories would also look fabulous when donning this sophisticated look to an evening dinner party or other special event.

Women have a wide range of choices available to them when it comes to dressing in the latest color trends of the 2016 fall and winter season. By combining the popular jewel tone and vibrant hues with interesting monochromatic combinations, as well as the neutral hues of the season, there’s no end to the fabulous looks that can be inspired.

Bio: Dev Randhawa blogs on the latest fashion trends, all around the Web.